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Dnipropolymermash Plant

Since the times of its foundation in 1967 Dnepropolimermash Heavy Engineering Plant has passed a complicated path of organizational and structural reforms in the course of which its modern technological and production bases wre established. The Plant is known in Ukraine and CIS as one of the largest manufacturers of press moulds for vulcanization of pneumatics and block-tyres, inner tubes, rim strips and diaphragms. These products are used by all CIS tyre- works making up about 90 percent of their needs. At present, the size range of tyres for which the press moulds are being manufactured is rather substantial: from a 9L12 tyre casing   for farmer mini-motor-cultivator up to 40.00-57 tyre casing for rock handler with load capacity up to 180 tons.

Curently  OJSC Dnepropolimermash invests considerable funds in retrofit installation along with improvement of production shop technological infrastructure, production technologies and reconstruction of administration buildings and shops.

The Plant manufactures equipment for metallurgical, mining and reprocessing branches of industry. There were mastered manufacturing and production of spare parts, assemblies, components and aggregates for gas-and-oil, mining, ore-dressing, metallurgical and other branches of industry as well as for power engineering and agriculture.

The molded pieces of bedplates with the weight up to 50 tons are being processed. It’s worth to mention the fact of manufacturing of spares for Cement Plants equipment. The enterprise masters production of Agricultural Machinery and welded metal structures. It is planned to establish a complex line for surface treatment (shotpeening), nesting, straightening, assembly and welding of metal structures, further cleaning, painting and drying.

Dnepropolimermash is an enterprise possessing both unique personnel and flexible processing technique allowing operative response to changing market needs along with products upgrading within the shortest terms. Skilled employees are ready to design, develop and manufacture any optional equipment, machine assemblies, aggregates and components within the shortest terms or to make the products under Customer’s component drawings along with development of detailed design. More than forty-year engineering experience of press molds production with diameter up to 4500 mm characterizes the enterprise ability to process high-precision large capacity workpieces having complicated form. The enterprise has more than 70 thousand m2 of production areas outfitted with all kinds of metal-working machinery on technological conversion including unique Programmed Numerical Control Machines designed for processing of tread pattern in metal solid treads. The specialists of enterprise develop the most complicated control programs including those for simultaneous five-on centre processing.

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